Holds Any


No Batteries,
No Power Cord Required!

The World’s First
Amplifying Dock

After two years of development, BPM Products, LLC has introduced AMP-IT, the world’s first acoustically-amplifying docking station for mobile phones with external speakers, specifically smartphones. What is unique about Amp-It is that is requires no batteries or power cord!


A phone is simply placed onto the Amp-It dock to make any music, phone conversation, or other sound coming from the phone’s speakers loud and clear. And now the phone is positioned ergonomically as well, making it easy to view and operate.

Product Features

  • Holds any smartphone
  • Amplifies and enriches its sound
  • No batteries, No power cord required
  • Small footprint
  • Accommodates recharge cord
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Modern design; easy to customize

Problems Solved:

  • Get great sound from the the small speakers in smartphones
  • Alleviates the cost, weight, and power required by portable speakers/boomboxes
  • Alternative to phone in phone/purse/flat on desk
  • Keep the phone in a convenient, quick-access, easy-to-view location
  • Great way to use apps (with one hand)
  • Don’t have to hold phone up to your mouth/head when using speakers for call
  • Recharge while in-use or not
  • Focus sound so you don’t bother others

Use it Anywhere!